t Medieval Reproductions, I strive to provide the highest quality in my products. I produce carefully researched, historically accurate reproductions of medieval arms, armour, and artwork. My scope is not just medieval, however, I have created pieces ranging from Roman to Renaissance. I also produce period costumes, accessories, Medieval and Renaissance tapestries, and furniture, as well as architectural embellishments. I have over thirty years of experience producing arms and armour, and have provided pieces for discerning clients such as the Glenbow Museum (Calgary), the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto), the Canadian War Museum (Ottawa),and the Higgins Armory Museum (Worcester, Mass.). I have also provided rental items for television, film and magazine. If you have a specific need, I will be happy to custom make any piece to meet that need.

ll of the prices given for the helmets in my on-line catalogue are for constructed versions (helmets made from two pieces welded together), however, I offer helmets raised from a single piece. Please contact me for price information on raised helmets. All of my other armour components are also raised (such as breasplates, couters, poleyns, etc.) at the prices indicated in the on-line catalogue. Raising is a technique that leaves the metal the same thickness at the apex of the piece. Many modern armourers use a method called dishing, which stretches the metal, and leaves it thinner at the highest point. Raising is a more historically accurate method of armour-making.


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