Full Suits

All of the armour seen below comes complete. However, component parts can be purchased separately. Please request a measurement sheet when ordering. Armour stands can be provided for an additional charge.

Roman Armour

Lorica Segmentata Style

c. 50 A.D.

An improvement over the Gallic mail shirt worn previously, the Lorica incorporated bands of steel plates, attached by internal leathers, to produce a very effective and flexible body defense. Our Roman armour comes complete with Lorica, Helmet, Scutum (Shield), belt, Gladius and scabbard, Pilum (Spear), Military "Caliga" sandals, Tunic, and breeches.

$5,199.00 CAN


Roman Centurion's Muscled Cuirass

c. 50 A.D.

Centurions and other officers in the Roman Army used armour similar to the Legionary. However, at times they were issued or purchased their own armour of differing design. The muscled cuirass was a common style worn by officers from Centurions to Generals. Our Cuirass is hand-shaped from a single, large piece of steel. This armour comes complete with Gallic-style helmet, Muscled cuirass, Pyturges (leather waist belt typically worn with the muscled cuirass), Tunic, Military Caliga sandals, Scutum (shield), Gladius (Sword), and scabbard.

$5,199.00 Can


Norman Armour

c. 1066 A.D.

Duke William's knights would have looked just like this as they rode up Senlac hill, on their way to conquest. This full armour comes complete with gambeson, full hauberk with attached hood (and the curious "breast patch"), Norman nasal helmet, the distictive kite-shaped shield, sword and scabbard. Leggings, shoes, and spear extra.

$5,199.00 CAN


Serjeant's Armour

c. 1150

Many poorer soldiers and men-at-arms could not afford the elaborate equipment of their knightly counterparts, so they fought in much diminished gear. This is a great starter outfit, which can be augmented over time with more complete armour. Price includes gambeson, arming cap, mail coif, steel kettle hat, sword and scabbard. Early halberd extra.

$1,999.00 CAN


Crusader Armour

c. 1180

This style of armour was typical of the armour worn by the knights of the Third Crusade. By this time, they had adopted the surcoat, to display their heraldric coats-of-arms, and to keep them cool in the heat of the Palestinian sun. Our crusader armour comes complete with Great Helm, Hauberk, mail leggings, Gambeson, Surcoat (emblazoned with the coat-of-arms of your choice), Shield (painted with the same coat-of-arms), mail coif, sword and scabbard.

$5,199.00 CAN


Transitional Armour

c. 1340

This armour was a hybrid of mail and plate, developed to counter the effects of the ever-increasing use of the bow, and the devastating effects of the new polearms used by Swiss mercenaries. A core of mail was reinforced by plates that were strapped on over top. The coat-of-plates, was a series of smaller plates riveted to a leather or cloth covering, to protect the torso. A similar arrangement covered the thighs, and larger plates protected the limbs. Our Transitional armour comes complete with early Bascinet, Hauberk, Mail Leggings, Coat-of-Plates, Chausses, Poleyns, Greaves, Vambraces, and Gauntlets, Gambeson, Shield, Sword and Scabbard.

$9,999.00 CAN


Full Armour

So called "Hounskull" Style

c. 1375

This armour was the first truly full plate armour to be worn during the Middle Ages. This was an international style, predating the German And Italian Schools of armour-making, and would have seen action all over Europe until the first quarter of the fifteenth century. Our harness comes complete with plate sabatons (not shown) and the distinctive "hourglass" gauntlets.

$24,999.00 CAN


Italian/Burgundian Armour

c. 1460

During the fifteenth century, Italian armourers enjoyed a thriving export market, and they tailored this armour to their foreign customers' tastes. The Burgundians and the English purchased much of their armour from Italy, with distinctive elements such as the compact sallet, simplified cuirass, and smaller, more stream-lined vambraces.

Our harness come complete with a bevor, leg harness (shown at right), and various elements can be customized to individual tastes.

$28,999.00 CAN


German Gothic Armour

c. 1485

The gothic style of armour produced by the German workshops was distinctive for its angular lines, high pointed borders and multiple fluting. The fluting actually serves a practical purpose beyond simply being decorative; it strengthened the integrity of the plates and guided the points of weapons away from vital areas. At least, in theory. Although not shown in the image, this armour comes complete with sabatons.

$48,000.00 Can


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