Medieval Artwork

Green Man Wall Shelf

The green man was the medieval symbol of spring and resurrection. He can be found in a multitude of forms. Our example is copied from a sculpture on Bamberg Cathedral in Germany, and has been modified to be used as a wall shelf; perfect for plants.

$95.00 CAN


St. George and the Dragon Wall Plaque

c. 1390

16'"x 8"

This handsome wall hanging is a faithful copy of a wood carving found on a retable (the frame surrounding an altarpiece), by Jacques de Baerze, a Flemish carver from Ghent. Made of bronze or sturdy Hydra-cal plaster, the plaque is faithfully painted with the red and silver of the Patron Saint of England.

Plaster - $150.00 CAN

Bronze - $1550.00 CAN


Returning Crusader Wall Plaque

c. 1100

12" x 6"

This plaque is a copy of a twelfth century statue, and is a testimony of the devotion of a wife for her husband. It shows a French lady, Anne of Lorraine, welcoming her husband, Hugh, Count of Vaudemont, back from crusade after an absence of sixteen years. Most of his family gave him up for dead, but Anne refused to abandon hope. When he finally returned, she commemorated the happy event by commissioning this statue in the Franciscan church at Nancy. Our version is done with a stone finish, imitating the original sculpture.

$99.00 CAN


Three Normans Wall Plaque

c. 1140-50

8" x 6 1/2"

The original is gilt bronze - I offer both bronze and sturdy ultra-cal plaster. Thought to represent the guards at the Holy Sephulchre, these three figures are a good representation of early twelfth century armour.

Plaster - $99.00 CAN

Bronze - $1050.00 CAN


Celtic Proverb Wall Plaque

An old Celtic Proverb. Translationed, "The Work Prasies the Man.". The border is copied from images fromt he book of Kells.

$75.00 CANS


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