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Lorica Segmentata

Corbridge Style (Left)

c. 40 A.D.

$3,499.00 CAN


Newstead Style (Right)

c. 80 A.D.

$2,499.00 CAN







Churburg Style Breastplate

c. 1390

This breastplate is actually made of nine pieces, all riveted to a leather liner, much like the earlier coat-of-plates, only inside-out. The borders are hand-chased with the inscription, “Iesus autem transiens per medium illorum ibat” (But (Jesus) passing through the midst of them went his way – Luke 4:30). Such an inscription was thought to have talismanic properties.

$4,900.00 CAN







Early Full Plate Cuirass

c. 1400

This is the first example of solid plate breast and backplate, complete with a fauld and culet. This cuirass would have replaced the "coat of plates", and its solid configuration made the use of the lance rest possible. Comes with a lance rest, and the "V" shaped stop-rib, called a "lisere d' arret". Shown with Italian style fauld. Made of fourteen gauge steel.

$4,699.00 CAN


German Gothic Cuirass (Breast & Back plates)

c. 1475

Worn by the knights who fought in the Wars of the Roses, this cuirass is properly fluted and articulated. Comes with fauld and tassets in the "English style"(left), but we can make it in the "German style"(right), with the widely flaring fauld without tassets. Made of fourteen gauge steel.

English Style - $8,999.00 CAN

German Style - $8,499.00 CAN







Milanese Cuirass


Contemporary with the German Gothic armour, the Italian armour was just the opposite in style, with it's smooth and rounded surfaces. The major centre for armour production in Italy was Milan, hence the name "Milanese". Tassets (not shown) included.

$7,999.00 CAN

Peascod Cuirass

c. 1580

Many of Elizabeth I's courtiers went to the famous Greenwich armourer, Jacob Topf for breastplates just like this one. Shaped to imitate the fashionable doublet of the period, this style of breastplate actually dispensed with the fauld, the tassets being suspended from the bottom of the breastplate. Gorget extra. Made of twelve or fourteen gauge steel (please specify).

$4,999.00 CAN


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