Daggers & Axes

Quillion Dagger

14th -15th century

This style of dagger was simply a smaller version of the knight's sword. Double-edged, dagger and sword were a matched pair. Total length is approximately 18 inches. The color of the hilt may vary slightly.

$250.00 CAN


XH2038 $155.00 CAN


XH2039 $139.00 CAN


XH2040 $125.00 CAN


XH2041 $155.00 CAN


XH2120 $155.00 CAN



Left - Viking single hand, c. 950

$109.00 CAN



Middle - Danish two-hand, c. 1000

$165.00 CAN


Right - Knightly axe, c. 1400

$199.00 CAN


This is a selection of axes we have made, however, we can custom make any style of axe you may desire.


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