Gauntlets & Components

Early Full Plate Gauntlets

c. 1340


Copied from an effigy of a member of the Leverick family in Ash Church, Kent, these are probably the earliest known examples of full plate gauntlets. They are very comfortable to wear, offer great protection for the hand and wrist, and are an interesting alternative to hourglass gauntlets.


$1,299.00 CAN


Hourglass Gauntlets

International Style

c. 1375

$1,499.00 CAN


Hourglass Gauntlets

Italian Style

c. 1435

$1,399.00 CAN


Italian Gauntlets

Milanese Style

c. 1450

$1,299.00 CAN


German Gothic Gauntlets

c. 1480


Based on a pair made by Kaspar Rieder of Innsbruck, these are the quintessential gothic gauntlets. Extremely detailed, with fluting and piercing, they represent the apex of the armourer's art.

$2,899.00 CAN

These can be made as mitten gauntlets at no addition charge. See image above.

16th Century Finger Gauntlets

c. 1580


Nicely articulated, these gauntlets were the final style in the age of armour. Price does not include etching, but these gauntlets can be made at no extra charge in the "Black and White" style.


$2,899.00 CAN


Late 14th Century Vambraces

c. 1380

$2,499.00 CAN



late 16th century

Protecting the neck adequately while allowing freedom of movement was always a problem, so by the 16th century the gorget was developed. This style was common in the latter half of the 16th century and beginning of the 17th. Eventually, the gorget was the only piece of armour worn. Made of sixteen gauge steel.

$999.00 CAN


Early Spaudlers

Late 14th century

Precursors of the pauldrons, the spaudlers provided good protection as well as freedom of movement. The back of the lames work on sliding rivets, the front on internal leathers, assuring good flexibility. Made of sixteen gauge steel.

$599.00 CAN



Late 14th century

$1,200.00 CAN


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