All of our mail is flat ring, wedge riveted, standard four-in-one pattern.


c. 1250

Garment is 36" long with full-length sleeves. Three sizes available. Please specify desired size when ordering.

50" chest - $1,349.00 CAN

55" chest - $1,399.00 CAN

60" chest - $1,449.00 CAN


Mail Coif

Typical Medieval style.

Worn by knights and Men-at-arms both as a primary defense and under helms.

$319.00 CAN


Padded Arming Cap

Linen cover with fibre fill padding. Designed to be worn under the mail coif.

$59.00 CAN


Camail or Aventail

c. 1375

Fastened to the bottom of the bascinet to protect the neck.

Plain edge - $289.00 CAN

Dagged edge - $299.00 CAN



c. 1370-1500

Sewn to the arming doublet to protect gaps under the arms.

Pair - $399.00 CAN


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