Made of sturdy, 1/2" plywood, all our shields are curved like the originals, and the surfaces are treated with gesso before painting. All shields are painted on the inside with a diagonal stripe pattern. While we do not research coats-of-arms, if provided with an image, we can paint any heraldic device you desire. Please indicate colours to be used with your image. All of the shields seen here are for display only. However, we also offer re-enactment versions, fully suited for re-enactment combat. The shield face is covered with leather, and the edges are rimmed with 9-11 ounce rawhide. Our re-enactment shields are also properly strapped with both guige and enarme straps, and have an arm pad.

Roman "Scutum" Shield

Imperial Style

c. 50 A.D.

This large shield provided excellent protection for legionaries, and could be locked together with other shields to form the "Testudo" or Tortoise, a formation that has been described as the Roman version of the tank. Made of half-inch plywood, our copy is curved like the originals, with the distinctive Roman red-and-gold design.

$559.00 CAN


Re-enactment Version

$849.00 CAN


Viking Shield

30" Diameter

Made of half-inch plywood, routered to look like slats, our shield comes with a steel central boss and rim. We can also paint any symbol on the front that you desire.

$559.00 CAN


Re-enactment Version

$849.00 CAN


Norman "Kite-shaped" Shield

c. 1050

(46" X 23")

The Norman shield has a distinctive metal "boss" in the center, with a vertical bar inside, as well as "enarme" straps, so it can be gripped two ways. Decorative metal strapping around the edge finishes it off.

$559.00 CAN


Re-enactment Version

$849.00 CAN


Large "Heater-Shaped" Shield

12th Century

The gold 'diaper' pattern on the field, and the border inscription can be added for an extra cost.

(48" x 24")

$499.00 CAN


Re-enactment Version

$739.00 CAN


Small "Heater-shaped" Shield

c. 1300

(24" X 24")

$399.00 CAN


Re-enactment Version

$549.00 CAN


Crossbowman's Pavise

15th century

(40" x 30")

Used by crossbowmen for protection while they loaded their bows, these shields were supported by a stake driven into the ground and passed through metal loops fastened to the back.

$1,099.00 CAN


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