Great Helms with Tournament Crests

From time to time, I get a request for crested great helms. Below are a few examples of those Iíve done. Each is individual in its design and construction, so if you wish to have one made, a detailed image must be provided in order for me to give you an accurate quote.

Late 12th Century Great Helm With a Fan Crest

This crest was copied from the royal seal of Richard I. Made of two pieces of leather pressed and glued together. Any design can then be painted on the sides.


Great Helm with Tournament Crest, c. 1375

This crest is based on one in the Churburg Collection, made of bass-wood and covered with leather. The leather mantle is copied from a 14th century manuscript illustrating tournament helms from the period.


Great Helm with Tournament Crest, c. 1380

The central crest, consisting of an armoured arm holding a sword, is hand-carved out of wood and then painted. The wings are leather, as is the mantle. The parti-coloured motif makes for a striking presentation.


Great Helm with Tournament Crest, c. 1375

The helm on this ensemble is an exact copy of the helm of Sir Richard Pembridge, and the crest is based on the Royal arms of Poland. The lion is carved wood, covered in gold leaf.


Great Helm with Tournament Crest, c. 1390

The Helm here is a form of the Pembridge helm (although made from five pieces instead of three), and has a Ďbarberí or early wrapper used in jousts of the period. The crest is carved wood, covered with leather. The wings are a wire-frame covered with leather as well.


Great Helm with a Tournament crest, c. 1430

The Helm is that of Henry V, and the crest is a speculation of what his royal crest would look like. It is actually based on the helm crest of the Black Prince. This helm was made in 2002, for the tomb of Prince Arthur (son of Henry VII) in Worcester Cathedral in England, as part of the 500th anniversary celebration of his death in 1502.


Frog-Mouthed Great Helm with a Tournament Crest, c. 1485

This swan shaped crest was hand carved from wood, and then covered with leather. The crest and mantle are the same piece of leather. The great helm is not one I made; it is a Victorian copy provided by the client. Regardless, it is impressive looking, at least in my mind.


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